About Level King

Level King brings gaming into the age of participation: You are not only the game player, but also the game author, and the game reviewer.

Level King allows you to design game levels over the Internet, creating puzzles for other users to solve. You can see how many (or few) users have completed your levels, or aim to be the first to solve levels created by other users. When you complete a level, you get to rate it, with each level receiving up to three stars . The most popular level each day is awarded the coveted "Level of the Day" status.

Each level consists of a series of brick  and steel  platforms, connected by ladders  and ropes  . The passages may be blocked by boulders , but fortunately you  are strong enough to push them out of the way. To complete a level, you must maneuver around the platforms collecting all the parcels , and then proceed to the top of the level to escape. Some of the parcels are buried, and to get to them you must dig through the bricks (using acid bombs) - but beware: the bricks will eventually re-generate, and if you are trapped inside, you will be buried alive! Some of the bricks are disguised traps - and if you run over them you will fall through. To make things even more interesting, you will be chased by a number of robots , who will kill you if they catch you. You can temporarily trap robots by digging a hole and luring them into it - but beware: the robots won't stay trapped forever!

Level Difficulty

Levels are rated as follows:


The following keys control your movement:


Guest users can play a number of sample levels, and can create and play their own level (but not save it). Registered users get the following additional features:

Google Gadget

Add to Google  The Google Gadget displays a different mini level each day.
The difficulty is selectable through the gadget user settings.

Terms and Conditions:

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